Build your own security system

Each of us at one time or another in his life is in a situation that it made me think about the security of home and property. Undoubtedly alarm systems are the most common and most frequently used, but you asked yourself what would happen if there is an alarm, and the patrol found no intrusion into your home? Is it really just a false alarm or not thieves are amateurs?

This is where video surveillance. If you have installed cameras, they not only can and will capture offenders, but video surveillance system can notify you by sending you even their photos. Sounds exaggerated? You think it would be too expensive?

Often our customers in our online store CCTV video surveillance com have just such concerns, which led us to look at the issue a little more detail.

Video surveillance com is the only online shop for cameras and video surveillance systems that offers such a variety of ready systems that anyone, even without any experience in assembly and installation, can install itself. Sets and finished video surveillance systems, which can be purchased from our online store are applicable for different types of establishments such as shops, grocery stores, small flower shops, service stations, car washes, salons and other beauty services.

Ready video surveillance systems that are available in video surveillance com in configurations of 2, 4, and soon will be available and ready kits with eight surveillance cameras, each of the systems are available in versions for indoor, outdoor installation. We have planned surveillance systems and for the part of our customers who can not or do not want to invest a lot of money, but at the same time would like to have video surveillance of home, office or business. For them, and kits which include surveillance cameras in combination with DVR boards.

To facilitate maximum customers have decided to launch this short series of articles in which we will discuss in detail both videovete offered video surveillance systems that you can install yourself, and what they contain and how easiest to deal with installation of surveillance cameras, and thus – to save money.

Let me briefly summarize of contents, and all of what constitutes a video surveillance system?

In general, there it is:

one or more surveillance cameras
Cable – here can be clarified that can be used and ready, factory-installed ready-made cable connectors that save time during installation
sockets – if you do not use cable factory are required BNC connectors and power
power supply for the cameras – must be consistent with the consumption and the number of surveillance cameras to be installed
DVR recorder or DVR card CCTV
hrad drive – needed for DVR recorder, it is important to provide the right capacity